Best faceswap or face swap app online

Nowadays, faceswap (face swap) has become very widespread and well-known. In the online world five years ago, the term deepfake was even less known. Due to the rapid spread of deepfake videos of Tom Cruise, the concept of deepfake quickly became popular in the world. Since then, we can meet this phenomenon all over the world. There are tons of videos on YouTube that make high quality deepfake videos.

These videos often contain funny scenes that are based on famous movie scenes and become humorous by inserting the face of a new character. Many well-known film scenes with different celebrities have already been processed with the help of “face changer” programs. Applications and apps developed for these purposes are also widely available for iOS and Android phones.

High quality and realistic look of videos


It is important to know about these face swap videos that they are very real, but not real. In the videos created with artificial intelligence, the similarity is so great that it is very difficult to decide whether the real person is actually on the video or it is just a generated fake deepfake video in which the voice and face of the actor have been replaced by another person.


Some popular apps:

  • Reface app: Good quality, famous movie scenes, GIFs
  • Face Swapper: Easy to use, high quality movies
  • FaceApp: Many built-in functions, one of which takes pictures in the best quality
  • DeepFaceLab: You will mostly be able to use a PC, it makes movies in good quality due to large-sized faces
  • Lensa AI: Produces high-quality images for AI portraits
  • Refaceporn: Produces high-quality adult content videos very quickly
  • Deepfakeporn.app : You can make movies with adult content with it, and it has a simple, easy-to-use interface.


Nowadays, deepfake, face swap, deepswap, and faceswap applications are very common. We meet him in more and more places. Many celebrities, YouTube celebs or bloggers already use it in their videos, which can be used to create funny scenes. It is important not to violate privacy rights with these videos, so it is often quite difficult to act carefully. However, deepfake has a huge future ahead of it. After all, it can be used in countless fields, including the film industry or the advertising and media industry or even the adult industry. I believe that the spread of deepfake videos opens a new era for humanity.

For guides on how to use Faceswap to make Deepfakes go to the guides in the forum.


On GITHub we can already find a lot of code that deals with this topic:




guptasaurav82/deefake https://github.com/guptasaurav82/deefake